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I'm Baheejah! I started my journey into the natural hair care game from first being a licensed cosmetologist. I spent so much time with clients trying to figure out what was best for their hair and would always come up with some concoction from studying different products. Clients would ask for something to take home, so I started making single client products. As the years went on, I found it harder and harder for women, especially women of color, to find proper hair care in the store that fit our needs. Not only fit our needs, but without ruining our hair. I set out to find ingredients that would work. Through studying herbs, oils, butters and the like, I would create products. I would test these products on friends, family and myself. The products showed so much promise, I spent more time learning how to formulate and create products with a lasting shelf life. And there way no turning back from there.

Our Mission Statement: Kadara Beauty aims to provide quality products, educate consumers, and focus on results. Enriching the health of hair, face, and body through the use of naturally available ingredients and simple, yet effective formulations that provide the best outcome.


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