Lavender Hair & Scalp Oil (4 oz)
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Lavender Hair & Scalp Oil (4 oz)

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Lavender Hair & Scalp Oil (4 oz)
Getting the penetrating nourishment your hair and scalp deserve!

Contains the following oils blended with precsion to give you the best feel, look, and health of your hair and scalp:

Olive Oil for moisturized hair and scalp, improced blood circulation and antibacterial properties

Grapeseed Oil for heat protectiom, adding natural shine and its ability to seal the hair shaft

Sunflower Oil to reduce bacteris, product buildup on the scalp, as well as dry scalp. Reduce thinning hair caused by early hair loss, male/female pattern baldness and some forms of Alopecia

Avocado Oil for a strong hair shaft and oto prevent breakage, Vit D to encourage hair growth and moisturize the hair shaft

Apricot Seed Oil to make hair soft and pliable, reduce dryness and increase scalp hydration

Sweet Almond Oil to treat hair loss and damage, add silkiness and shine and to nourish the scalp

Sesame Oil to promote hair growth, prevent shedding, combat heat damage and dryness as well as perform as a UV protectant

Macademia Nut Oil for its richness in fatty acids (proteins), vitamins and minerals to sustain the health of hair

Baobab Oil to moisturize dry hair, stimulate hair growth, add gloss to hair strands, protect from UV rays and protect scalp from irritation/inflammation

Lavender Oil to stimutlate hair growth, increase scalp circulation, treat hair loss and control Alopecia

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