Joyful Jar
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Joyful Jar

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Joyful Jar 
Color: Purple
Each Joyful Jar comes ready to help you celebrate, capture, and cultivate your joys for a year. This 16 oz jar is filled with 52 tags of one color and 1 tag of another color, a mini pencil, and a scripture card. The top is decorated with a daisy cutout lid and knob, then decorated with raffia twine and a simple summary card.

The 53 tags are designed to help you cultivate your joy by writing one down each week, plus one stand out simple joy to grow on. To put them inside the jar, take off the lip and drop inside.

By the end of a year you have a whole jar full of joy! At any point along the way you are having a bad day you can pull out a tag and read it for inspiration to continue onward. The best part is that the words come straight from you. 

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